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Purple offers a unique combination of support and softness. Unlike mattresses with traditional memory foam, it is easy to spring out of bed in the morning. You still get the benefits of a cool night’s sleep and relief on your pressure points like the lower back to prevent back pain.

Purple Mattresses.
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How to Shop for a Purple Mattress: Buyer’s Guide.
Sleep is important to your health and happiness, and so choosing the right mattress is an important decision. When you consider investing in a new mattress, you should include Purple mattresses on your list.
Purple mattresses first came onto the market in 2015 as a “”bed-in-a-box”” offering like Leesa or Casper, but Purple has quickly become among the top choices for customers purchasing a new mattress. They provide incredible value while offering benefits like pressure point relief with a soft surface. Plus, it’s designed to be temperature neutral so that you stay cool while you sleep. You will wake up pain-free and refreshed on a Purple mattress.
What is a Purple Mattress?
A Purple mattress is unique because it is built with the Purple Smart Comfort Grid, instead of traditional coils. This proprietary comfort layers provide ideal support. It is as soft as a memory foam mattress while providing more pressure relief.
Which Purple mattress is the best?
Purple offers two different mattress options:
The Original, featuring the Smart Comfort Grid The All-New, which includes the Smart Comfort Grid plus additional responsive support coils.
SamsClub.com carries Purple’s original mattresses in Twin XL, Queen, King, and California King sizes.
What should I look for when shopping for a Purple mattress?
The big things you should consider when buying a mattress include:
Support: How firm or soft is the mattress? Cooling: How warm will you be when you sleep on the mattress? Durability: How long will the mattress last? Value: How can you get the best night’s sleep at the right price?
Why should I consider a Purple mattress?
Purple offers a unique combination of support and softness. Unlike mattresses with traditional memory foam, it is easy to spring out of bed in the morning. You still get the benefits of a cool night’s sleep and relief on your pressure points like the lower back to prevent back pain.
Plus, Purple offers excellent value for customers looking for a mattress they will sleep on for ten years or more. Your mattress will come with a 10-year warranty, and you will get a risk-free 100-night sleep trial so you can try your Purple mattress in your home.
What type of sleeper should consider a Purple mattress?
Purple mattresses provide a great value for anybody, but if you fall into one of these two categories, you’ll want to check out Purple.
You get hot while you sleep. Purple’s cooling technology is perfect for hot-natured sleepers. You move around while you sleep into different sleep positions. Purple doesn’t contour to your body like memory foam. Rather, it provides a comfortable night’s sleep whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper. Also, if you move around a lot, Purple mitigates disturbances motion transfer while you sleep.
How much is a Purple mattress?
SamsClub.com offers Purple mattresses bundles that start under $800 for a Twin XL size and under $1,400 for a California King or King size mattress. These prices include a Purple Sleep Cool pillow and free FedEx shipping within the continental United States, which contributes to the great value Sam’s Club offers for customers.
Is the Purple mattress worth it?
Absolutely! Purple provides an excellent value for a terrific product, which is why it has quickly become one of the most popular mattress brands. Purple mattress reviews are strong, which indicates that people who have purchased a Purple mattress feel confident in their decision and consider it the best mattress on the market.
If you have any questions, Purple offers a 100-night in-home trial period that lets you experience the benefits of a Purple mattress. This warranty gives you additional peace of mind about your purchase.
Purple Mattress Sizes and Dimensions.
The original Purple mattress offered by SamsClub.com is 9.5 inches thick. The new Purple mattress has variable thicknesses because the Smart Comfort Grid can be different sizes while the foam layers stay the same width.
The mattresses weigh about 100 pounds for a Twin XL size and around 200 pounds for a California King or King size. The queen size weight falls in the middle.
Purple offers the following mattress sizes:
Twin XL (38 inches x 80 inches) Queen (60 inches x 80 inches) King (76 inches x 80 inches) Split King (Two Twin XL mattresses) California King (72 inches x 84 inches)
Purple Mattress Material and Comfort.
From what materials are Purple mattresses constructed?
The thing that makes Purple mattresses unique is the Smart Comfort Grid, which is made of Hyper-Elastic Polymer. This grid provides pressure point support and uncommon softness. The Smart Comfort Grid is surrounded by a top layer and bottom layer of polyurethane foam.
What are the comfort ratings of Purple mattresses?
Purple mattresses fall somewhere between 5 and 7 on a firmness scale of 1-10. They are unique because they are soft while providing the support you need for a comfortable night’s sleep.
The customer reviews for Purple mattresses are overwhelmingly positive, which speaks to the incredible comfort they provide.
How long before you can sleep on a Purple mattress?
Purple mattresses are shipped for free via FedEx in a unique tube. All you have to do is unroll the mattress, and you’re ready for a great night’s sleep.
Can you sleep on a Purple bed the first night?
Absolutely! Simply unroll your Purple mattress and enjoy a great first night’s sleep as soon as you’re ready.
Purple Mattresses FAQ.
Do you need a box spring or foundation with a Purple mattress?
You should not use a box spring with a Purple mattress. You can use a solid foundation or a bed frame with slats that are close together. Purple also offers standard and power adjustable bases if you’re interested.
How long does a Purple mattress take to ship?
When you order a Purple mattress from SamsClub.com, you can expect to receive it in a week or less. We are happy to expedite orders when needed.
Is a Purple mattress toxic? Should I expect off-gassing?
No and no. Purple makes its mattresses with non-toxic, food-contact grade materials. They use a specific type of foam designed to prevent off-gassing.
What is the powder in the Purple mattress?
The Smart Comfort Grid of a Purple mattress is coated in a non-toxic powder for shipping. This allows your Purple mattress to arrive at your doorstep ready for use right away.
Will my Purple mattress last longer if I rotate it?
You don’t have to rotate your Purple mattress, although you can if you wish. You should not flip your Purple mattress.
Does Sam’s Club sell mattress bedding for Purple?
Sam’s Club offers Purple mattresses with a Sleep Cool Pillow in one convenient purchase. Check with the manufacturer for Purple brand mattress protectors and bedding. Sam’s Club offers a wide variety of bedding that can be used with Purple mattresses. Just make sure that the bedding is stretchy enough that you can sink comfortably into the mattress.
Can I get members-only pricing and White Glove Delivery service at Sam’s Club?
Yes, SamsClub.com offers exclusive members-only pricing on Purple mattress packages. Because Purple mattresses are shipped for free via FedEx, but we do not offer White Glove Delivery service on them.
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